Love, Time, and Other Things

by The Separate

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released November 25, 2011

Tim Inman-Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Brett Phillips-Guitar/Keys
Kevin Angier-Drums
Russ Lockamy-Bass



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The Separate Dunn, North Carolina

The Separate is:

Tim Inman-Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Brett Phillips-Guitar/Keys/Vocals
Kevin Angier-Drums
Russ Lockamy-Bass/Vocals

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Track Name: The Sky Is Falling Down
It’s not the years and months that bother me. It’s these seconds and these minutes that tick away. What to do with stolen time? Winding down and wasting away, not unlike me.

Ticking clocks singing wretched lullabies about death, and dying, and the stopping of hearts, and the breaking of others. What a terrible song.

This is not a test, it’s an emergency: I think the sky is falling down.

Is there a doctor in the house; someone to heal these plaguing doubts that we just heap upon ourselves? We just cannot shake it, and it just keeps us shaking. I know of fear and trembling, but this can’t be what you had in mind.

The stars are heavy laden from the weight of all the wishes we’ve placed upon them.

So, Angela, come stand beside me and take my hand; as we watch the sky fall down. I will kiss your lips one last time in case it’s true and the sky is falling down. I will look you in the eyes and say “I love you” and “I am sorry for all the times that my actions have not lived up to everything that’s built up inside those words.” I love you, I swear I love you. This is not a test, but the danger has now passed and we can hold our heads up high because that which is good will always last; even when the sky is falling down.
Track Name: Heartbeat
I feel like I can fly when I ride in the passenger side as you drive me crazy. And the kick drum inside my chest is beating to the rhythm that I love best; It’s all I care to sing,it’s all I know.

Can you feel my heartbeat?

Action, action; lights, camera, it’s the main attraction, you’re the main distraction. Will you go away? I can’t pay attention to anythin. Because you caught my mind when you caught my eye. You left me with nothing but a reason why for this drum to beat for only you to hear.

Oh, I’ve got the perfect tune, this melody I sing to you. I’m singing for you, this song is for you. It will take the rest of my life to get it right, I hope you don’t mind.
Track Name: Words and Syntax
It took twenty-six years to learn this language; I thought I had it all laid out, but then you had to go and let your hair down. So, I decided to scrap the project or at least the hope that it somehow could explain the way I feel right now.

You smile at me and I turn away: “Was it something that I said?”

“It gets to the point that I that I can say is: “bop-bop-ba-da-da-da, I love you.” Three words, eight letters never get it right; I guess this song will have to suffice. bop-bop-ba-da-da-da,I love you.”

I could learn these words and syntax;I could learn these nouns and where to put them at, but I don’t think that I could ever do it better than: “When you laugh I see our unborn children dancing in your eyes.” And “It’s no surprise that I can’t get you off my mind.”
Track Name: Grace
I’ll never make it out of these cold,dead places running at these ignorant paces. I’ll never make it in at this slow speed. I’ll never make it out. But, you say differently.

"Grace” you say to me and Ifind all the things I’ve waited for but never knew I was waiting for. I never knew I never knew.

There’s something wrong with me. I say, “I don’t know what it is”, but I know exactly what it is: Though I don’t believe in ghost, I am haunted everyday by the weight of my decisions;by the sheer gravity. Maybe I should lay down my arms? It’s not my load to bear.

I come to You with questions. I come to You with doubts. Like: “Where?”, and “When?”, and “How long?” “ Why so?”, and “How?” But you knew my name before the world was made. You knew my name. You know my name.
Track Name: Loud and Clear
Love is a verb that is describing what you do, like loving your hair, your eyes, or just plain loving you. Love is a noun, look it up if you’re in doubt. It is the subject of my sentence, do you mind if we repeat this?

Tonight, I’ll say it loud and clear. I’ll say it:

Love is the best thing that’s playing on my heartstrings, love is a pop song and my heart can’t help but sing along. Fast or slow, it doesn’t matter the tempo as long as you set it. If love is the beat, then I’ve got the motion.

They say that love is free, you know,they’re speaking metaphorically; before we go much further, let’s stop. Because love is never cheap if you are giving what you need; it’s that push/pull; that take and give another.

If love is a dance song, I'll dance aslong as you're dancing with me. If love is a sad song, I'll cry as long as your crying with me.
Track Name: Half the Time
Every day of our lives, it’s under every beat of every heart and we don’t know why we can’t do without, because even when we’re looking wrong, you know, we’re still looking all right. Every soul, every sigh, every life always comes down to love.

Love, we want to talk about it. Love, we want to sing about it though half of the time we don’t know why or what to think about it, it’s always love.

We’ve got things that just get in the way that we carry around like a weight upon our shoulders. Why don’t we reframe the conversation, because we’ve been talking wrong and round in circles for far too long. Though we all want to speak love, we all get the language wrong.

What’s gotten into you? It’s gotten into me too. I can’t shake it and I don’t want to.

Every day, in every single life; in every single beat of every single heart we’ve got these things that we can’t erase, so why don’t we trash them all and give love a fair shake?
Track Name: Happy Together
Imagine; me and you, and you and me. No matter how they tossed the dice it had to be. The only one for me is you, and you for me. So happy together. I could call you up, invest a dime and you'd say you belong to me and ease my mind. Imagine how the world would be so very fine, so happy together.

I can't see me loving nobody but youfor all my life. When you're with me, baby, the skies will be blue for all my life.

Me and you, and you and me. No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be. The only one for me is you, and you for me. So happy together.
Track Name: Maybe
Don’t believe the fallout. Things are never quite what they seem in our paint by number dreams. Don’t believe the lies they tell. Don’t let your milestones turn to millstones. Don’t let your heavens turn to hell.

Maybe we should sing the songs that we have already sang; maybe we should learn from mistakes that we’ve already made. Maybe we should do the uncommon thing and so unusually learn from mistakes that we’ve already made.

Don’t believe the theories because anyone can draw a line and connect the dots in time. Don’t believe the cycle. Don’t believe the lies you’ve told, and don’t forget the things you know.