The Great Discoveries of Science

by The Separate

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released July 14, 2015

Kevin Angier-Drums
Brett Phillips-Guitar
Russ Lockamy-Bass
Tim Inman-Vocals and Guitar

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by John Harrell at The Sound Barn in Kinston, NC
Drums and Bass recorded by Jon Berrier and Casey Allen at Berrier AudioWorks
Strings on tracks 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 16 by Lucy Greenleaf at Campbell University's Scott Concert Hall



all rights reserved


The Separate Dunn, North Carolina

The Separate is:

Tim Inman-Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Brett Phillips-Guitar/Keys/Vocals
Kevin Angier-Drums
Russ Lockamy-Bass/Vocals

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Track Name: Overture 1897
A terrible thing: 
A dream becomes a nightmare

And the thing you thought would set you free

Is the weight around your feet.

Wasting time
 and paying no heed to caution signs

As time exacts all her revenge

And wastes us in the end.

Irony, excuse if I don’t laugh at your
 comedy at my expense.

Come extract your pound of flesh.; my guilt will take the rest.

I set out to discover worlds
 and found more than I bargained for:

Oh, terrible progress.
What terrible progress!

So lend me your ears, 
if but for a moment
And I’ll show you the folly.

I’ll show you my great discovery.
Track Name: Clarity Appears
Out of nowhere, there it is and my Clarity appears
And all the disconnected lines
 of melodies I could never hear

Are pieced together in an instant and sing to me a sweet refrain;

All the lines that led to nowhere weave together in my brain.

All the noise and all the chaos

I’ve always known and came to love

Just fall away.

It’s not enough to say that things will never be the same

One look at this picture perfect world

With not a thing I would ever change.

I would never change.

Excuse the wild, unbridled passion,
 excuse the quickness of my words,

Excuse the childish, wild-eyed wonder
 but I’ve never been this way before

To see it all just come together
, to see my worries disappear;

Intoxicated on nostalgia for some things that have never been.

If my response seems out of hand,

Exaggeration's always been my sort of thing.

I wouldn’t change a thing because now
I’m seeing things that no one’s ever seen

I wouldn’t change a thing because it comes together just so perfectly.

I remember a time, 
I remember a lifetime of wondering “why?”

And now it’s gone.
Track Name: Drifting
Away, up here my heart is free;

Free to revel in the endless joy of youthful dreams


You might think it crazy,

You might think it odd for me to carry on and on,

You might think I’m crazy
But you don’t even know the things I’ve seen

Way up high, drifting.

You don’t hear her voice ring clear
Filling in all the expressions and equations

That brought us here.
Track Name: A Waltz, Undone
May I have this dance?

The long awaited glance;

The Progress.

Ignore my shaking hands,

The interrupting wind,

The questions.

But how can it be, now?

We’ll find a way somehow.

Winds and days and seas change

But always change the same.

We can chart the way.

We can drop these ropes

And hold on through the throes,

It’s easy.

The motion of progress is pushing us on;

Who are we to say “No”?

Who are we to give up so easily?

Who are we to look fate in the face 
and turn the other way?

Who are we to say “No?”

The devils in the details

His hoof prints all around.

The questions in the background

Disrupt the sound

Of our delicate dance,

This civilized romance,

This waltz of ours.

We can do the measurements again

We can make this work,

It doesn’t have to be the end.

I swear I thought we could find a way

Track Name: Collapse
Collapse; how quickly things fall apart
And just like that I’m back to where I was at the start.

I never should have fallen so hard,

It’s the first step in a long line of falling apart.

It echoes in my head;

“I never will again.”

I’m learning this lesson the hard way

I guess I’m getting the pay for your bad faith

I guess I’m tracing the lines I should have drawn

So long ago, I couldn’t quite see it.

But you muddied my head with things

And you ruined my sleep with dreams

Of moving on and moving forward

But I guess that progress didn’t move me that far.

Collapse, staring at the crash it hits me; 

The waste of time, the waste of life it could have been.

There were promises made but the wind ensured

It would end up in shame with some fabric in my hand,

And not much else but to forget

Track Name: Redux
I thought it was all but over

I thought it was nothing but a memory
That I would look back on

But here you are, unannounced

I was looking for anyone else

So where from here?

Just like that, it was all a matter of time

I didn’t know it wasn’t over,

But here we go again.

I thought you were just a bad idea

I thought Clarity was a forgotten thing
That I had lost in a raging wind.

But here we are and what is there to say?

Those old attractions don’t just go away.
I can’t just turn it off.

Why don’t we retry and see?

So humor me and let this be,

We can watch grow and we can come to know

The things we thought we lost before.

Clarity, what can I say?
Track Name: Proposal
One would think that I’d step tenderly and cautiously watch,

But Progress calls me on and on I go.

What a difference a year makes

It’s funny how the things you thought you’d remember you always forget.

What do you say to romance?

What do you say to never letting go?

What do you say to Progress?

We might discover more than we ever have before.

It sounds the same, but comes out differently;

The voice resounding inside my head, haunting my every step
What a difference a heart makes
And eyes to see the beautiful shape that she takes

In the hours before dawn

This is a call.

This is a banner raised.

These aren’t just words to say.

This is a cry for you to hear.
Track Name: HeartSing
I want to run away, do you want to run away with me?

We’ll chart the way and go.

By day, I’ll chase the cloud and then watch the stars awake

In time to see their beauty fade beside the pillared flame

That is pouring from your eyes

Brighter than any twilight star and warmer than the very heart of the sun
Reflecting off the moon.

I know it sounds like a paradox, but I can’t let it go because,

You rock me

And you shock me

You drop me

When my head is too high

You thrill me

You kill me

You heal me

From this broken world

You are the very thing that makes my heart sing.

I want to feel the weight, I want to throw these maps away.

Forget the things I know and craft my own indelible imprint

And change the way such things are said,

Ever chasing close behind your heels.

And even now, my heartbeat fast, picturing the end, at last

I can almost hear the gasp escaping from my lips.

I know I’ve said this all before but I swear it bears repeating,

To come upon this day, to know that my long wait as met its end.

The eyes of all the world on me because,

Track Name: gods (The Rise/The Fall)
The last remaining things that held us to the ground, removed
And we take off unchained:
Incarnated hope with a fire in our bones

As we fly higher I don’t recall a thing before today.

Who’s to say that we aren’t flying?

Who’s to say that we aren’t gods?

Who’s to say that we aren’t seated above,

Pulling strings and doing things
That no one has ever done before?

Who’s to say that we aren’t gods;
gods of our own world?

Rising on a cloud of loud, effusive praise

The common and the king speaking in one voice,

This is no ordinary noise.

I hear their song it sounds like home.

And the song continues on and on.

And now this new competing line in dissonance and out-of-time,
Overwhelms and overrides and undercuts mine.

Unanticipated complications unforeseen,
At unbelievable speed

We are not in control of anything,
We are just along for the ride
Track Name: An Honest Assessment
I breathe in
And I’m not sure if it’s the cold

Or this newborn rage in my soul

Set aflame inside my chest.

Should I have known?

Should I have seen the omen and the signs?

Set a tone, and drawn a line?

But it’s too late for maybes

And “should have” seems so empty now.

It washes over me;

The bitterness, the air, the irony

That the very thing that knit this growing dream

Was my undoing.

It was the thread that left the apertures,

It was the blindness of a man in love,

And a dream not big enough

To fill in all the holes.

I assess the wreckage

I have all my limbs intact

And my lungs are burning

So, if nothing else, then that.
Track Name: After All
In the first place, we never cast our eyes upon the end

So who’s to say we’ve reached the latter days?

Could this all be the middle of the tale?

And the voice that brought us here is leading us

To even further glory?

We’ll find out what we’re made of,

Maybe face down what we’re afraid of.

We’ll set our sights towards home

And take each step in stride,

And find out what we are made of.

So here we are now, unprotected,

Miles before our feet,

Overcoming odds and ends and all the worst of elements.

Every measured action and every distance crossed

Adorns a tale of even further glory.

Optimism dies hard

Even in a place like this.

It’s not dying in me.

It’s alive in me.

After all, wasn’t it you

Who sparked this fire in my chest?

After all, wasn’t it you?

After all, wasn’t it Progress that led us here?

Track Name: Pregnant Silences
Bated breath and one-word answers,

Straining just to hear each other’s voices.

We know things that we don’t say,

These silent glances giving us away.

Why don’t we get it out in the open?

There’s some things that just need to be said.

So come right out and say it.

Don’t wait another minute.

We don’t have the time to waste today.

This is getting old.

We’ve lost all sense
 or vague idea of our direction.

Youthful resolve from happier times

Holds no comfort for snow-blind eyes.

What can it hurt in a time of confusion

To just stand still and find out where we are?

We don’t have the time to waste on one more:

Endless day 
with nothing but my

Hands to shade my face

From unkind winds of change,

Predicting some impending thing

I’m too afraid to name.

Was I the fatal flaw?

Was I the one who doomed this from the start?

I can’t just read your mind,

I can’t begin to shoulder all this blame.

Track Name: I Hear You Laughing
I guess the jokes on me and now I hear it clearly,

That the song inside my head
I thought that you were singing to me
Is no such thing.

I hear you laughing at me:

Silencing the wind,

Can’t get you out of my head.

I hate to sound so pessimistic now,

But I can’t help myself.

I’ve had all that I can take of the foolish optimism 

With no hint of realization that I’m the punch-line. 

Track Name: Wandering
There’s no answers in the wind

To all my sound objections,

Misunderstood impressions.

Just why?

We’ve gone beyond the aid

Of maps and stars and words to say,
And thoughts of young and warmer days

Simply add unwanted weight.

You get what you pay for,

But I just had no idea

The price of my wanderlust,

The cost for so little return.

Just why?

Track Name: I Should Have Known
I’ve got a bad disease inside my bones that slowly eats me.

You are no antidote, you never heal but will not kill me.

Where are you?
Why the silence now?
Can you hear me?

Are you there?
You brought me here; now tell me where to go.

I want to know how I ought to feel.

You’ve got me right where you want me,

It’s not a pleasant place to be.

Is this the thanks I get for casting aside my life and logic?

Is this my mortal lot, to perish in some failed experiment?

Where are you?!
I was promised more than this lonely grave.

Are you there?
Or are you off seducing with Progress as your name?

It’s come to this; I’m screaming

I hope you’re pleased; another life to satisfy your thirst.

I’m coming unglued.

I’m coming undone at the seams,

And now I believe that I’ll never make it home.

I guess this is the end of all I know,

Is this what you wanted?

I should have known.
Track Name: Endless Day
Hell, it holds no flame,

Just the frozen hours of endless day.

Guilt, it is loyal to my fault

It is no friend but will not leave me alone.

Faintly I remember in my attempted sleep

A vanity disguised as something else.

I called it hope,
I called it Progress


I am broken in two,

The strength of my resolve extinguished.

I can’t take another step,

I don’t know where we are going anyway.

Track Name: Reprise
I set out to discover worlds

And found more than I bargained for.

The seeds of my demise

Were born inside my own heart.

A dream of deceitful promise

And a heart of blind ambition;

I dare not count the casualties,

I cannot bear the weight.

We are the builders.

We are the architects.

Never as clever as when
We’re planning our own destruction

This is my Great Discovery